Our Capabilities

Many firms claim expertise in any discipline of potential interest to customers.  DEFCON® does not.  We work hard to provide world-class expertise in select areas where we have demonstrated experience and a successful track record on behalf of our clients.

Turning Policy into Practice

"Policy not effectively implemented is no better than policy never made," says our CEO, summing up three decades...
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Large-Scale Program Management

The history of government programs that are off-schedule, over-cost and under-performing is legendary...
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Extraordinary Technology Strategies™

The scientific and technology community calls it the “Valley of Death”—the gap between the lab bench and operational programs...
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Information Technology

From a review of the critical information technology issues facing an incoming administration to an impact assessment of IT outsourcing...
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Financial Management

From Reinventing Government in the Clinton Administration to the President's Management Agenda in Bush 43, we've been there...
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Customer Relationship Management

Our team has taught the four-hour tutorial on "Customer Relationship Management for Public Sector Enterprises" at E-GOV...
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